Top Aptitude placement test | questions with answers

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 Top Aptitude placement test | questions with answers

 Practice important Aptitude questions asked in Wipro and other MNC also   ask
Aptitude test questions with answers


1. The cost price of an article is Rs. 480. If it is to be sold at a profit of 6.25 percent,


would its selling price be?

A. Rs. 510

B. Rs. 530

C. Rs. 503

D. Rs. 519

E. None of these

Answer (A)


The selling price of the article is, Selling price = Cost Price + Selling price * (Percent


Selling Price = 480 + (6.25/100)*480 = 510

Hence, the correct option is option A.


2. The profit earned after selling an article for Rs 996 is the same as the loss incurred

after selling the article for Rs 894. What is the cost price of the article ?

A. Rs 935

B. Rs 905

C. Rs 945

D. Rs 975

E. None of these

Answer (C)


Let the CP be the Cost Price and SP be Selling Price.

Profit = SP – CP = 996 – CP

Loss = CP -SP = CP – 894

Now as Profit = Loss

2*CP = 1890

CP =945

Hence, the cost price is 945.

Wipro Elite NLTH Sample Placement Paper – Set 2


3. The ages of Nishi and Vinnee are in the ratio of 6:5 After 9 years the ratio of their


will be 9:8 What is the difference in their ages?

a) 9 years

b) 7 years

c) 5 years

d) 3 years

e) None of these

Answer (D)


Let the ages of Nishi and Vinnee be x and y.

Now, as per given conditions,

(x/y) = (6/5) i.e 5x=6y

after 9 years,

(x+9)/(y+9) = 9/8 i.e 8x-9y=9

After solving we get x = 18 and y = 15.

Differences in the ages = 18-15=3

Hence, option D is correct.


4. Find out the wrong number in the given series

9050, 5675, 3478, 2147, 1418, 1077, 950

a) 3478

b) 1418

c) 5673

d) 2147


Answer (E)


9070 – 15^3 = 5675 , 5675 – 13^3 = 3478 , 3478 – 11^3 = 2147 , 2147 – 9^3 = 1418 ,

1418 –

7^3 = 1075 ≠ 1077 , 1075 – 5^3 = 950


5. Profit earned by the organization is distributed among officers and clerks in the ratio

of 5:3 If the number of officers is 45 and the number of clerks is 80 and the amount

received by each officer is rs 25,000 what was the total amount of profit earned?

A. Rs. 22 lakh

B. Rs. 18.25 lakh

C. Rs. 18 lakh

D. Rs. 23.25 lakh

E. None of these

Answer (C)


The total amount distributed among officers = 45*25000= 11,25,000

If the total amount is x, then this amount is (5/8)x=11,25,000

Hence, x=18,00,000


5. Which of the following statements is not true?

(A) Acquisition of ‘life-skills’ is part of maturation

(B) Acquisition of ‘life-skills’ is part of social process

(C) ‘Life-skills’ are directly moulded

(D) ‘Life-skills’ are learnt

Answer (C)

6. A student wants to share his problem with his teacher and visits the teacher for the

the same at his home. In such a situation, the teacher should—

(A) Suggest to him to escape from his home

(B) Contact the student’s parents and provide help

(C) Extend reasonable help and boost his morale

(D) Warn him to never visit his home

Answer: C


7. If a student alleges against you for showing favoritism in the evaluation of scripts, how

would you deal with him?

(A) Reject his allegations

(B) Adopt punitive measure

(C) Make efforts to reveal his position

(D) Show his answer book and a few more

Answer: D


8. The major responsibility with which school personnel have been entrusted is that of—

(A) Adjusting social demands to the needs of the child

Wipro Elite NLTH Sample Placement Paper – Set 2

(B) Adjusting the child to conform to the demands of society

(C) Changing human nature to conform to social expectations

(D) Preparing the child to change the society

Answer: B


9. In order to develop a good rapport with students, a teacher should (select the most

important activity)—

(A) Love his students

(B) Be friendly with all

(C) Pay individual attention

(D) Communicate well

Answer: C


10. The best reason because of which a teacher can command respect from his

students are if—

(A) He follows innovative practices in the class

(B) He dictates notes to the class

(C) He reads and explains the text-book

(D) He does not give home assignment

Answer: A