Mastering CSS 3.0 Selectors

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Mastering CSS 3.0 Selectors



Empowering your development and design through CSS 3.0 Selectors

What you’ll learn:

  • Master all the common ways to work with CSS Selectors
  • Know how to work with the new Selector types

The ultimate CSS3 Selectors guide. If you’re new to the world of CSS, or want to catch up on the new techniques in CSS2 and CSS3 you just found the perfect course for you. JavaScript/jQuery developers think you will get out of it that easy? Even if you don’t plan to become a CSS developer, knowing the rules of selectors will bump up your capabilities and leverage selectors to create better interactive sites. Become amazing at what you do by knowing the most important aspect of web development and design – the power of selection. By the end of this course you will be a master CSS3 Selector.